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About Optical Choppers
Tuning fork choppers are ideal for applications where small size, shock resistance and wide temperature ranges are important. Sutech Optical choppers will operate effectively and reliably in applications ranging from deep space to sensitive test bench equipment. In many applications, Sutech Optical choppers are integrated with a light source or detector for a compact package with a small footprint. With no moving parts, tuning fork choppers have virtually unlimited life.
Some typical applications include:
  • Optical microplate analyzers
  • Optical process monitoring and control systems
  • Optical spectrometers
  • Colorimeters
  • Optical IR gas sensing instruments
  • Densitometers
  • Electron optics beam chopping
  • Scanners
  • Open-path security perimeter alarms
  • Communications
A tuning fork magnetic light modulator consists of a set of offset aperture blades integrated onto the tips of a precision-machined tuning fork. Electro-magnetic drive excites the tuning fork into oscillation at its resonant frequency. Sutech Optical choppers have high Q values of over 600, are astatic and are unaffected by the mass of the material to which they are mounted. The net result is light chopping that is highly accurate and stable.

Light modulated by the resonant tuning fork is pure, having none of the beam distortion or absorption peak issues inherent with LCD or phase interference techniques. Because the chopper is simply a shutter, light passing through the tuning fork aperture retains all optical properties of the light source. This advantage is very important in many light transmitting and light receiving applications.

Why Buy Optical Choppers
  • High Reliability
  • Light Spectrum Purity
  • Low Profile
  • Small Footprint when integrated with light source or detector
  • Low Power
  • High Shock Resistance
  • High Temperature Resistance
Sutech Optical tuning fork choppers are recognized by our customers as the highest quality, most reliable optical choppers in the industry. The special alloys used and tight manufacturing tolerances result in excellent product performance with a high degree of uniformity. Sutech Optical choppers are ideal for light chopping close to a high temperature light source.

Sutech Company is proud to have earned distinction as a certified vendor with "dock-to-stock" status with
many customers.

Design Specifications
I. Standard Sutech Optical Chopper Specifications
II. Frequency/Aperture Opening
III. Standard Chopper Mechanical Dimensions
IV. Waveform Profile With Standard Offset Parallel Tines

I. Standard SF Chopper Specifications
Special Notes: 570Hz stand-alone chopper or integrated chopper is recommended for PbS detector applications
800Hz stand-alone chopper or integrated chopper is recommended for PbSe, Si PiN, InGaAs Detector Applications

  • Frequencies from 200Hz to 1000Hz
  • High Q over 600
  • Stainless steel rectangular vanes
  • 90% duty cycle parallel offset vanes
  • -40C to +150C blade zone temperature range (other temperature ranges available per special order)
  • Ambient operating temperatures -40C to +65C (other temperature ranges available per special order)
  • Thru-hole flat-mounting base
  • Weight: 15gms to 50gms depending on specifications
  • Solder terminal pins
  • Four 0.085" diameter mounting holes
  • Drive Requirements 100 mW max., 20mW typical
  • Compatible with many driver circuits

  • Integrated PbSe or PbS detectors
  • Integrated TE coolers to detectors
  • Custom mounts
  • Custom chopper aperture shapes
  • Gold mirrors or gratings as aperture tine
  • Vacuum operation in electron optic systems
  • Halogen light sources
  • Special controller circuits for master/slave synchronization

II. Frequency/Max. Aperture Opening

III. Standard SF Product Mechanical Dimensions
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Typical Dimensions: Mounting patterns can be customized for specific customer applications.

IV. Waveform Profile with Standard Offset Parallel Tines at maximum drive
Note: Sinosoidal waveform will result with lesser drive levels

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